What sets Classic Pilates apart from all the rest? We have attracted a staff of unparalleled qualifications. Their consummate knowledge and experience enables them to convey to their clientele the details, subtleties, and depth of a healthy Pilates practice.

Our instructors, whose backgrounds are grounded in the disciplines of dance or other forms of athletics, have spent their lives working with bodies; their own, and others. Amid the sea of Pilates offerings, this combination of rigorous training and the Pilates technique of Romana Kryzanowska (Joseph Pilates protege), is rare. We do not train our instructors in house like many other studios. All our teachers must go through the same formal education at a Romana’s Pilates training center, and undergo its thorough certification process.

This system establishes a common foundation amongst our team, and creates a supportive and harmonious studio atmosphere; insuring the highest professional standards and the best quality experience possible for out clients.